Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have really enjoyed reading about Molly and Julie and their working out together. I also know that Julie Bowers has a walking partner. Friends can be such great motivators! I know for me, working out alone would be nearly impossible. Sure, I can run by myself and even do a short workout, but to really stick with it I need to be held accountable. Many years ago, I ran 4-5 days a week, 5 miles a day. I ran with a group of 4-8 people and we met at 5:30 a.m. I can definitely tell you that to get up that early and to get dressed to run in who knows what kind of weather takes either incredible discipline or knowing that a group of people will be waiting on you to show up. I'm not that disciplined. It was knowing that others were waiting for me that got me going every time.

How many times have you thought "I'll just miss workout class today, I'm too tired to go" and then you end up going because you know that you will be missed? I don't know about you, but I NEVER regret going. You know it will be hard work, you know that you will be tired and sore after, but you also know how much better you will feel having done it. I have all types of accountability at the gym I go to now. I'm sure if I didn't show up for several days in a row, the trainer would be calling. I usually try to go at the same time that my friend Jennifer goes--she would worry if I didn't show up. I find that even the posting of my time in the comments section is usually enough accountability. Am I alone? Surely not.

There are also workout friends who you are competitive with. This is important for me as well. I need to be pushed. Yesterday, I did a workout and I was stationed right behind my friend Kim. Yes, she is 20 years younger, but I can usually come close to keeping up with her, especially with weight lifting things. Just trying to keep up with her as she was doing the workout was quite a motivator. I ended up about 20 seconds or so slower. Had she not been there, I know I would have had a much slower time. A little healthy competition is a good thing.

What about you? How do friends affect your exercise program?


  1. I agree - it helps and motivates me to have someone else there - even if it is just someone there to hold my feet - it pushes me to work harder - I have to prove myself. Course I'm hard enough on myself as it is to "beat" whatever time I had last time, but it really helps if someone is "watching". I enjoy myself more though having a workout PARTNER - someone doing what I'm doing and encouraging me or sympathizing with me:) It makes it more doable and bearable!

  2. laura my dear- just having you at the gym motivates go faster, lift heavier, take less breaks, do it rx'd. even if we're not at the same class. you're a great athlete and great motivation to just GO HARDER

  3. Julie--I hear you on the sympathizing--somehow a tough workout is not so tough when you know someone else is suffering along with you. Is that sick or what?!!!

    Shanna--Oh for the good old days when you were new and I was faster every time. Now...forget it. You've passed me by, and it didn't take long! Trying to post a good enough time that you won't CRUSH later in the day is very motivating!

  4. whatever! apparently you already forgot about our last workout together....back squats ugh. :)

  5. That's so funny that I was motivating you Laura, because you were so motivating me! I kept looking back like "crap, isn't she taking a break yet!" You really kept me moving :)