Monday, September 21, 2009

Workout for Tuesday, September 22

4 rounds for time:

25 push ups
25 sit ups
25 squats
25 walking lunges
25 good mornings

Do the hardest level of push ups that you can for as long as you can before switching (from toes, knees, countertop or wall.) Last time we did this was on July 3.

Below is a video on AbMat sit ups. I love my Abmat--basically makes doing full sit ups possible for me without hurting my back and neck. They cost about $30 each. Well worth it, in my opinion!

And now, the videos demonstrating the rest of the exercises for today:


  1. Greg -
    we altered his because his back still hurts and he didn't think he could do sit ups or good mornings so instead he did 25 pu, plank for 30 sec, 25 squat, 25 wl and 25 step ups - 15:07