Friday, September 18, 2009

New Name and Look

Yes!!! You are still on the Get Lean With Laura blog!

I've been looking for a new template for my blog for some time now...and I really liked this one. It seems cleaner and easier to read. Hope you like it too!

I started this blog mainly for the purpose of communicating homework with the group of ladies in my exercise group at church. Now there are quite a few others who use this blog for ideas for quick workouts. So, I decided to change the name to fit the purpose a bit better.

My fitness journey began in June of 2007. I had not done any meaningful exercise in more than a decade. I was tired, out of shape, and pretty defeated. I knew that my friend Kim's husband was a personal trainer. Reluctantly, I started personal training with Kim's husband, Jason Boag, who owns CrossFit OKC. For about 3 months, I did personal training about twice a week. I was afraid to join the regular classes because I felt so far behind. I asked Jason to give me "homework" for the days I was not at the gym. I dutifully did my homework. In fact, I craved it. Because of this homework, I could really see fast improvements in my squats, push ups, sit ups--all the basics. And, I learned that even a few minutes every day could make a huge difference. It can make a huge difference for you, too. That is the inspiration for this blog.

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  1. Laura, I like the new look. It's nice to refresh it every now and then. Way to go on posting the videos; I think they make a fitness site much more user-friendly. :)

    Want to work out on Wednesday? Let me know, and I'll start coordinating a sitter.