Monday, August 17, 2009

Workout for Tuesday, August 18

Back-to-School Workout
(Well, I will just call it that since my son is now back-to-school!)

3 rounds for time:

400m Backpack carry--run or walk (load backpack with about 10 lbs of books)
15 Locker Loaders--pick the backpack off the floor and get it overhead like you are going to put it on a high shelf
25 Good Morning Teachers (squat, then stand up and do good morning--kind of like sitting in a desk and standing up to tell the teacher good morning)


  1. You are so creative. Will look forward to doing this today - AFTER school. Greg is sore today. Breakin' him in. Have you ever thought about doing a "men's" class like an evening after you do the women's? Have you thought about when you'll be adding the extra class? I could do Tues, Thurs or Friday afternoon, but would probably prefer an evening. I'm out on Monday and Wednesday noon for sure.

  2. Men's class? I'll have to see what the interest level is. Plus, I really need to get a better set up for weight lifting--which I need for the women as well. Not sure how to accomplish or fund that though. Ideas are welcome. As for another day...if we have 5-6 regulars for both days, I will certainly add a day.