Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Workout for Wednesday, August 19

For time:

10 Push ups
20 Medicine ball cleans
30 DB walking lunge
40 Wall ball shots
50 Box jumps
60 Dumbbell swings
70 Sit ups
80 Squats
90 Jumping jacks
100 yard dash


  1. 20:41 for me! Great workout ~ I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow! :)

  2. Workout: 10# ball, 15# WL, 20#DS

    That was a great workout - thanks Laura.
    I think my time was 15:3_ something.
    I've been practicing the jumping sit up - looking forward to that popping up!
    I sent the word to my SS class - so we'll see if we get any takers!

  3. Not sure on workout time, maybe 21 something (last person standing :) ears were ringing and I was ready to pass out! But finished...good for this old body! Still felt like tossing the cookies an hour later! Legs and behind very sore on Thurs. Meetings all day so getting up and down in chairs and in the car was a chore. Can't wait for tomorrow! This workout compares to our very first workout...maybe 6 months ago. Or, my rear and legs just needed a wake-up call :)...lunges always get me! Wish Addy could be sharing my pain :)! By the way, used the least amount of weights: 4# wall ball; 8# walking lunges; 10# dumbbell swings. Thank you, Linda, for not giving me an option!