Sunday, August 16, 2009

Workout for Monday, August 17

400m walking lunge, for time

Yes, lunge for about 1/4 mile. For me, this is approximately 400 lunges. With each step, I like to think about how my butt is working it's way back up where it should be and not where gravity and inactivity placed it for many years. Afterward, be sure to mentally prepare yourself for the soreness to come...because it will!


  1. Thanks for the descriptive inspiration...will be getting to those lunges: STAT!

  2. 13:20 for Julie
    Greg 20:10 for 300 - yes, Greg is joining the team
    He took a break at 200 to get water - probably 2 minute break. Pretty good on his first go - especially with all his special needs. Good job, Greg!