Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the Menu--Pot Roast

I'm not much of a cook. There. I've said it. Again. Anything easy is my favorite. So, at the grocery store I purchased a package for about $12 that had everything I needed to make a pot roast in the crock pot. I'm sure I spent 20% more than I would have if I had bought the items individually, but there it is.

Dinner tonight:
Pot Roast

In trying to stay basically within a Paleo diet, is anything wrong with this?

To eat "Paleo", you need to eat the foods our bodies were designed to eat. This includes meat, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. One of the reasons to eat this way is to keep our insulin levels from spiking. From the "Paleo Diet" by Loren Cordain, PhD:

Part of the confusion here is that all carbohydrates are not created equal. Some of them are good for us. But others promote ill health and disease, and this brings us to the glycemic index. Good carbohydrates have a low glycemic index. This means they cause a minimal or slow rise in our blood glucose (sugar) level. The "glycemic load" is the glycemic index of a food times its carbohydrate content. It is this high-glycemic load that elevates blood insulin levels in many people. High-glycemic carbohydrates cause large and rapid rises in blood glucose and have been implicated in a wide variety of chronic diseases--adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, elevated blood uric acid levels, elevated blood triglycerides (the building blocks of fat, which float around in the bloodstream), elevated small-dense LDL cholesterol, and reduced HDL cholesterol. This cluster of diseases is known to cardiologists as "Syndrome X."

So, my pot roast has meat and vegetables. All is well. But wait...

The vegetables in my pot roast are:


Onions, celery and carrots all have pretty low glycemic indices. Carrots are higher than celery and onions, but let's not get ridiculous. They are still in the low range. Potatoes--more than double that of the others.

What to do?

Just pick out the potatoes, have a small amount, or just go ahead and eat them. Just don't kid yourself into thinking they are just like the rest of the vegetables.

As for my fruit? While fruit typically has higher glycemic indices than vegetables, they are still low compared to other carb sources (grains, pasta, rice.)

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