Thursday, February 26, 2009

Push Up Challenge


Okay, so the push up challenge is to do 3000 push ups in the month of March. This averages about 100 per day. You need to try to do the hardest level of push up (from the toes, knees, countertop or wall) you are capable of doing with proper form. You can break these up throughout the day, just try to get 100 in each day--making up is very hard to do! (I know--I did this last year and had a couple of 300 push up days at the end!!!)

I can tell you that your push ups should be pretty solid by the end of the month. You can post your progress in the comments section...2900 to go, and so on.

We've been doing this now for nearly 3 weeks. How do you feel? Are you seeing any improvement in strength? Do you feel any less sore from the squats, etc? At the end of 4 weeks we will repeat the workouts from this past month. I'm excited to see your progress!

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