Sunday, April 4, 2010

Workout for Monday, April 5

20 sit ups each minute for 10 minutes

Starting at the top of the minute, do 20 sit ups, rest until the top of the next minute. Then do 20 more sit ups. Do this for a total of 10 minutes, 200 sit ups.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather! Do something active--

Walk the dog
Run a mile
Work in the yard
Go up and down some stairs

While doing these things, try to do them a bit BETTER or FASTER than you normally would--bump up the intensity.


  1. 200 sit-ups in 10 minutes.
    RAN 1 mile without stopping! I was slow, but I did it!! :)

  2. 100 sit-ups and 50 ab roller
    4 mile run - sprinted last mile - it felt great!

  3. 2-mile walk with my old dog. He loved it!
    220 sit-ups in 11 min.
    Congrats, Molly. I need to try the mile run! Julie, I don't know that I will ever do a 2-mile run much less 4 miles.