Sunday, April 25, 2010

Workout for Monday, April 26

100 double unders, for time.

Grab a jump rope and at least ATTEMPT to do some double unders. Or...

If you are just really wanting another workout...

3 rounds for time:

Run 2 minutes
50 squats"


  1. Ran 1.4 miles
    Did 50 double unders in 10:20 (that was the first time I've ever attempted these and it was quite a feat to get 50, ugh!!)

  2. Good for you, Molly! That is truly ALOT of double unders for the first time!

  3. Ran the half yesterday in 2:05! Glad it is over - ready for the full?! I think so! Thanks, Laura for making me stronger and giving me the courage to try great things! I'm loving my body, my health and my abilities! Thanks!

  4. We went and watched Julie finish the race and she did awesome! :) It was very exciting to be there and also inspiring to watch that many people working so hard ~ fun day!!

  5. 2:05 is a seriously good time on the 1/2 marathon, Julie! Maybe I'll try that distance sometime. Not sure I'll ever get to the full--but I am confident that YOU will! Great job!