Sunday, January 24, 2010

Workout for Monday, January 25

100 double unders, for time.

Don't have a jump rope? GO GET ONE!!! They are just a few dollars and will provide great exercise. If you can only do one or two double unders per minute, work on them for 5-10 minutes. If you can't do them AT ALL, do 300 single jumps.

Personally, I am terrible at double unders. Doesn't matter. It is a skill I must work on.


  1. Did Friday and Saturday work-outs today instead of double unders.

    Squats for time - 100 in 2:55
    (opted for 100 instead of 150 because of my knee)

    60 push ups - 5 sets (20, 15, 11, 10, 4)

  2. 3 mile run today - loved the new shoes!

  3. Tried double unders for over 1 min. -- getting close! 300 single jumps w/practice du about 5:45